Thursday, October 23, 2008

Whoa Down

As I write this I am on my continuing education break. This year instead of going to a conference and trying to take in a year or even a lifetime of information I decided to take time to read, pray, relax, and center myself. I hope it will be a fruitful time. In fact by the time you read this I will be back at church! One thing I have realized is that I am trying to do too much. I have great ideas and a desire to make them happen for you. But is the problem I am not God nor should I ever think I can do the work of God. It is our job as a community of Christ to do God's work not my job to do all these things. I desire more than anything for us all to work hand and hand to lift one another up and to experience the fullness of God in community. I am reading a book right now by N.T. Wright called Surprised by Hope. It is his attempt at reclaiming the true understanding of bodily (physical) resurrection. It is an idea that is not foreign in word to many of us but seems to be foreign in practice in our world. In it Wright expresses the importance of God working to recreate the world and even our bodies. In the age to come we will all have a new heaven and a new earth as well as a new body! This is however not something that happens by and by pie in the sky but has already begun with Christ own resurrection 2000 years ago. Because of this God invites us all to join in the work of making it on earth as it is in heaven. What this means is we all need to find a place and a way to get involved and be about God's work. It is not just the job of the professional staff but the job of the people of God!
One thing I have begun and I think is going well is that youth programs begin with a shared meal around a common table. This is a great place to begin our time together. It is a bit of a logistic nightmare however to get meals prepared for these times. This is where I would love to see the congregation come along side us and participate. I need people to prepare a meal on either Sunday afternoon or Wednesday evening for one of our groups of youth. It can be a simple meal or something even more extravagant if you feel led. You can cook it ahead of time or come help the youth cook it! But I would LOVE it most of all if you stayed and enjoyed the meal with us, sharing your conversation and hearing the stories of these incredible youth. I will have a sign up very soon in the narthex on the youth and children's bulletin board. Of course this is just one of many ways you can support the work of God in teaching our youth. If you feel God calling you to take part behind the scenes or out in front give me a call. I know there is something for you!